Human, Mobile and Computer Networks

Welcome to the Connets Lab

Welcome to the Connets Lab, the Computer Networks and Network Science Laboratory of the Computer Science Department, University of Milano. Our Lab, led by Prof. Gian Paolo Rossi, supports research projects and activities in a broad range of topics in socio-technological networks. In recent years, we witnessed the massive penetration of Internet connectivity and the impressive growth of the amount of devices with networking and computing capabilities (such as “things” and personal users’ devices). This brings together a tighter convergence between the digital world - of Internet protocols, services and Apps - and the physical counterpart, with continuous interactions between these two worlds. Humans are today put back at the centre of the Internet universe and their behaviors, needs and interactions lay at the heart of the development of future networking services and shape the underlying network architecture. The understanding of human behavior is today central for building the future Internet. According to this vision, the lab is carrying on research activities on both Networking and Network Science. Topics addressed in networking cover ad hoc and people centric networks, delay/disruption tolerant networks, formal verification of distributed algorithms and sensor networks. Topics addressed by Network Science are multiplex and temporal networks on large scale to investigate the stratified and dynamics human social networks built on top of all the techno-communication channels—including online social networks, mobile phone calls, and offline meetings enabled by individuals’ spatial proximity in mobility. These activities converge in the most recent research areas of the Lab, that include Mobile Edge Computing and Network Virtualization.

Mobile Edge Computing in 5G Network

Network Science

Internet of People and Things