#Brexit: #Leave or #Remain

Brexit from Twitter in the last days

We are monitoring the conversations on Twitter about the forthcoming EU referendum in UK.

Remember while you read that this data captures the trend of thousands of Twitter users but it has not to be considered an indicator of leave or remain result.

A first overiew

We’re tracking more than 1M mentions of the EU Referendum from June 11, 2016.  In the last days volumes are raising significantly (14000 mentions each 30 minutes). The list of hahstags is not limited to #brexit, but involves most of the hashtags about the ‘remain’ and ‘leave’ campaigns, as shown in the figure below.


The ‘Leave’ hashtags are becoming more and more predominant. But ‘Keep calm and do not sell you apartment’….at the moment.

Update 16/06/2016: Farage sank Geldof’s flotilla: On Twitter the clash on the Thames has been won by the ‘leave’ hashtags. And the reaction of Twitter’s users was with immediate effect as  shown by the peak on Wednesday afternoon.

Update 22/06/2016: After Jo Cox’s murder and the silence in the next day, the Twitter activity started again. Here we show the percentage measured at 10:00 AM.

Update 23/06/2016, 18:36. Today is the day. The amount of ‘#remain’ tweets is growing.