Mobile Edge Computing

One of the most important challenges in mobile computing is to address the contradiction between the increasing complexity of mobile applications and the limited local capabilities of mobile devices. A viable solution to this challenge is to leverage cloud computing and execute mobile applications remotely. Such remote execution benefits a large variety of mobile applications, ranging from voice control and gesture recognition with real-time processing of sensory data, to mobile gaming and video playback with expensive multimedia computations.

Modern cloud computing services, such as Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure, are solely hosted by data centers and incapable of efficiently executing mobile applications due to the following reasons. First, mobile applications require immediate response, and hence suffer from the excessive network latency accessing the remote data centers. Second, data centers provide virtualized cloud resources as Virtual Machines (VMs), each of which serves an enterprise user with high volumes of workloads or responds to a type of web requests. As a result, data centers also handle each mobile application using a separate VM no matter how small its amount of workload is, but incur significant overhead for global VM provisioning and management due to the huge number of mobile applications using the cloud. Such overhead may even exceed the expense of mobile program execution itself and overload the data centers during the peak hours.



Latest Selected Publications

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